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1462 Acre Farm outside Dufur, Oregon
– 700+ acres of pasture
– 700+ acres of Oak Forest

You can find out at Hood River and the Dalles Farmers Markets in 2022 and 2023 as well as visit our Farm Store on farm.


We love producing and growing food that is organically raised, natural and healthy
Monoculture is not the only way to feed humans
It’s a challenge worth trying for


A regenerative farm (No chemical fertilizers or round-up used on farm)

A place for folks to come, experience and learn in a visceral way how nature and food cycles works and don’t work

A community with for profit and non-profit parts that provides a framework for the next generation of farmers, conservationists and businesses around land and practices that are balanced.

Trail Map for Carbon Farm: Mt Hood

Other Facts

  • 1462 acres of contiguous farm and forest land located 25 minutes from the Columbia River. 
  • 730 acres in crop & pasture fields
  • 732 in oak woodlands
  • 639 irrigated acres; water rights access to 15 Mile Creek
  • 6+ miles of irrigation ditches & pipes
  • 2 acre improved farmstead along Rail Hollow Creek (first settled in 1800’s) with full electric and internet service, multiple barns, bunkhouses, bathsheds, and a farmhouse. 
  • 1 acre mini farmstead, with three outbuildings and panoramic views.
  • Planned for 2022:
    • Creating a learning Farmstead at the original Rail Hollow farm, with annual and perennial beds as well as a small orchard and petting zoo. 
    • Planting 3 miles/ 20 acres of pollinator hedgerows
    • Building stock watering system to serve 2450 acres of irrigated pasture and silvo pasture (for grazing)
    • Installing High Tunnels for chickens and small animal production as well as summer intensive vegetable growing. 
    • Stock animal backgrounding on fallowed cropland for prescribed grazing project.
    • Other projects in our pipeline too.

Other Notes

  • Carbon Farm Mt Hood sits less than 22 miles from the peak of Mt. Hood and 20 miles from the Columbia River, right in between the sweeping grasslands to the east, marking the high desert of Oregon, and the lush green flank of Mt. Hood to the west. 
  • Native Oregon Oak abounds, along with Ponderosa Pine, and the property teams with wild turkey, deer, elk, bobcat, song birds, raptors, and coyote. 
  • The property has been farmed intensively for over 100 years, with well developed fields and infrastructure. Its forest (over half the property) have been managed as habitat, and they mark a rare block of healthy native oak woodland and savannah. 
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