The Calendar is Square, Nature is a Circle

The yearly calendar is 12 months, which can be neatly divided into 4 quarters.

We suppose this “works”.

Friend of Carbon Farm, Grant, suggested to us that the year is “like a circle” as is our earth’s trip around the sun every year. Yes, it’s more eliptical vs a perfect circle. (We celebrated New Year with Grant and he suggested his preference was to celebrate the change of seasons vs the arbitraryness of Dec31/Jan1st.)

After considering, we agree.

The equinox and solstices of our planet are on a circle and the man-made calendar is a square.

We align ourselves with the earthly circle of seasons.

We don’t reject the square calendar and realize we need to pay bills, do things within the context of the square calendar and continue to do so – we are just asking ourselves…

What does a circular calendar look like and is it better suited to a Culture that is in balance with nature?

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