Join at Carbon Farm

Want to dedicate your time and inspiration to conserving a 1462 acre farm and rare oak woodland?

Join the Farm Stewardship Program and spend time:
– patrolling for invasives,
– herding the weed patrol of goats and sheep,
– building beaver dam analogs,
– planting pollinator-friendly native plants
– working on projects like trail maintenance, building wildlife blinds, or raising up high tunnels”

Annual Cost:
(cover program administration and food)

Fill out this form as a starting point in exploring if we are a good fit for each other

We provide:

  • Innovative online work portal with maps, data, videos, realtime digital seminar spaces, and other resources.
  • Timely calls for stewardship action projects, one per season (4 per year)
  • Respectful and fun coordination of projects and work (tools provided, snacks and drinks, meals, camping options).
  • Recreational access to 1462 acres.
  • Personal Stewardship Report with balance of hours and other contributions acknowledged (for community service, service learning, tax accounting, etc.)

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